For the professional: lease your air purifiers Defender and get clean air in the workplace for your employees and visitors NOW.

EuroQueen & FilterQueen

The queen of air purifiers for more than 90 years

If you wish, you can contact the FPS to check whether we are on the list for approved air purification systems under the name of “Health-Mor Inc”. You can also check whether we are an approved importer of those products for the Benelux.

At home

Say goodbye to allergies thanks to clean & healthy air in your home.

For professionals

Increase the performance of your employees and customers with clean air.

Proven medical effectiveness!

The medical air purifier: Your partner for pure indoor air


Breathe healthier air indoors?

With the Defender medical air cleaner, you can!

Defender op kantoor

Our quality is clinically proven

Tested by the Ghent University Hospital and by various universities worldwide. Used in the covid department of hospitals and other medical practices (e.g. physiotherapist, osteopath, dentist, etc.).

The FilterQueen Defender was found to be very effective in a scientific study. (Testing a compact mobile air purification unit, does it do the job – contractor: Hospital Infection Control Team (HICT) from GHENT University Hospital, 16 June 2015).

Found to be the best air purifier on the market at the best price and terms. The Defender has ISO standard 13485 (93/42EEG) and ISO standard 9001. View the clinical study results here:

Thanks to the positive test results, Ghent University Hospital has  decided to use various Defender air cleaners throughout the hospital and in high-risk environments (e.g. isolation rooms). The device is also installed in various buildings to purify the air from harmful gases released during conversions (e.g. asbestos).

Who is EuroQueen?

A family business with over 33 years of experience in the sector. EuroQueen stands for quality and sustainability and always puts the customer first.

We are a Belgian manufacturer of central vacuum systems – for residential, professional and industrial use. EuroQueen has been an accredited importer of FilterQueen products for the Benelux and France for more than 30 years.

The vacuum cleaners and deep cleaners have been produced by the American manufacturer HMI Industries for more than 90 years.


Why EuroQueen?

For clean &
healthy air

With EuroQueen devices , you can be sure of clean air. Both in homes and in companies, they rid your spaces of harmful dust particles, bacteria and other microorganisms. The result: everyone breathes healthy air and suffers much less from hay fever or allergies.



Our cleaners

Air and Deep Cleaners

Two top products

EuroQueen purifies the air in the home both with air and deep cleaners from the leading brand FilterQueen. Both are equipped with a filter that removes particles from the air starting at 0.1 microns.

This is stronger than the standard filters that most air purifiers are equipped with. Both at home and in the workplace the products are a breath of fresh air!

The active carbon filter neutralises unpleasant odours and harmful gases such as asbestos gas and nicotine odours.

Defender white new model

Good to know

Practical info

EuroQueen is a digital store. You cannot visit us in person, but you can pick up your order at our pick-up point at the following address: Dendermondesteenweg 530B, 9070 Destelbergen. We only work by appointment to guarantee the smoothest service.


Approved importer of all FilterQueen products Benelux by HMI USA.

Voor particuliere gebruikers zijn volgende garantievoorwaarden van toepassing: dertien jaar op de motor van het toestel FilterQueen na de eerste twee jaren, net als op de motorische borstel van het toestel, mits het gebruik toe te passen zoals voorgeschreven en mits aankoop van minimaal één jaarpakket aan filters voor het toestel per jaar na het eerste jaar bij EuroQueen nv. En mits het laten uitvoeren van het onderhoud door een erkende technicus van EuroQueen nv.
Voor bedrijven zijn de wettelijke garantievoorwaarden van toepassing. Er kan een extra garantie aangekocht worden zowel voor de motor van de dieptereiniger als voor de motorische borstel voor een periode van zes jaar na het eerste jaar. Het bedrag daarvoor is 350 euro incl. btw (geïndexeerd), maar exclusief werk en verplaatsing als het toestel wordt gebruikt zoals voorgeschreven en mits het laten uitvoeren van een jaarlijks onderhoud van het toestel door EuroQueen nv en de aankoop van minimaal één jaarpakket aan filters per jaar.

Bij de luchtreiniger Defender kan de professionele gebruiker (bedrijven) een extra garantie aankopen voor 199,00 euro (incl. btw) op de motor (geïndexeerd) en dat exclusief werk en verplaatsing voor een periode van zes jaar na het eerste jaar ingebruikname.

En dat mits gebruik zoals voorgeschreven in de handleiding van de fabrikant en mits het aankopen van minimaal één jaarpakket voor de Defender jaarlijks bij EuroQueen nv.

Warranty conditions

For private users, the following warranty conditions apply: thirteen years on the motor of the FilterQueen appliance after the first two years, as well as on the motor brush of the appliance, provided that the appliance is used as prescribed and provided that a minimum of one year’s supply of filters for the appliance is purchased per year after the first year from EuroQueen nv. And provided that maintenance is carried out by an authorised technician of EuroQueen nv.

For companies, the legal warranty conditions apply. An additional guarantee can be purchased for both the motor of the deep cleaner and the motorised brush for a period of six years after the first year. That will cost you 350.00 euros including VAT (indexed), but excluding labour and travel costs if the appliance is used as prescribed and subject to having an annual maintenance of the appliance carried out by EuroQueen nv and the purchase of at least one annual package of filters per year.

For the air cleaner Defender, professional users (companies) can purchase an additional warranty for 199.00 euros (incl. VAT) on the motor (indexed) and that excluding work and travel for a period of six years after the first year of use. And that subject to use as prescribed in the manufacturer’s manual and subject to purchasing at least one Defender package for one year annually from EuroQueen nv.