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Your partner for clean indoor air

Due to ever better insulation, it is difficult for microorganisms to escape from your home. In addition, your ventilation system ensures a constant supply of moisture particles. This allows harmful microorganisms to easily multiply. To prevent them from damaging your airways , an air purifier is an excellent choice.

The EuroQueen air cleaner has an ultra-fine filter that blocks 99.99% or 0.1 micron air particles. In other words, you always breathe in healthy air. Many of our customers have already testified that they quickly noticed the difference. Our air purifiers are high quality and last for decades.

The solution for allergies, asthma & chronic lung diseases

Impurities occur in almost all corners of your home. Examples include dust on your electronics or house dust mites.

Such incubators can be thoroughly sucked away with a EuroQueen deep cleaner. It is much more powerful than an ordinary vacuum cleaner and is ideal for cleaning upholstery (e.g. carpets, mattresses & curtains).

Our deep cleaners are easy to use and last an average of 25-35 years. They have been adapted for intensive use on parquet, laminate, vinyl and natural floors. In addition, they are easy to empty and virtually maintenance-free.

FilterQueen products have been tested and inspected. The filters are medically tested and approved as a class II medical product.

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The filters of the FilterQueen deep cleaner are antibacterial and anti-allergic.

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