For the professional: lease your air purifiers Defender and get clean air in the workplace for your employees and visitors NOW.


For professionals

The professional

Purchase and leasing methods

The Defender lends itself perfectly to neutralising unpleasant odours (e.g. sweat, drain) in large rooms. Think of gyms and fitness centres, sunbeds, restaurants and hotels.

Depending on your sector, you can choose to purchase or leasea Defender. Leasing is possible in the short and long term.

Unlike a traditional air conditioner, the Defender does not grow any extra bacteria. Thanks to its purifying and profound effect, you not only create healthy air in your company, but also increase the well-being of your employees.

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Healthier work and shopping situations

Have you heard of sick-building syndrome? This is a phenomenon in which employees or customers become ill from the air they breathe in a building (e.g. office space or commercial premises).

An air purifier from EuroQueen cleans your office or shop air from all potentially harmful allergens, microbes and other impurities.

Voor professionals

Investment that yields returns

For employers , the investment in a EuroQueen air cleaner repays itself. The healthier air quality reduces absenteeism.

Because employees suffer less from ailments such as headaches, coughing or irritation of the respiratory tract, they also perform better. The same applies to customers who, due to the hygienic environment, would like to stay in your retail space.

Our quality is clinically proven

Tested by the Ghent University Hospital and by various universities worldwide. Used in the covid department of hospitals and other medical practices (e.g. physiotherapist, osteopath, dentist, etc.).

The FilterQueen Defender was found to be very effective in a scientific study. (Testing a compact mobile air purification unit, does it do the job – contractor: Hospital Infection Control Team (HICT) from GHENT University Hospital, 16 June 2015).

Thanks to the positive test results, Ghent University Hospital has  decided to use various Defender air cleaners throughout the hospital and in high-risk environments (e.g. isolation rooms). The device is also installed in various buildings to purify the air from harmful gases released during conversions (e.g. asbestos).

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The Defender and FilterQueen filters have been (medically) tested.