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FilterQueen Majestic – Vacuum cleaner with deep cleaner

Sustainable quality

Compared to a deep cleaner , a traditional vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough. EuroQueen’s FilterQueen Majestic thoroughly cleans dusty areas without damaging your furniture.

Thanks to an ultra-fine filter , the device prevents impurities of only 0.1 micron (0.001 mm). An “ordinary” vacuum cleaner ejects all particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Fifteen-year warranty on the motor for private use.

  • Engine block for FilterQueen deep cleaner, available in red, bronze and black. Now available for only 1599.00 euros instead of 1980.00 euros.

  • FilterQueen complete with accessories, available in red, bronze and black. Now available for only 2599.00 euros instead of 3180.00 euros.

  • FilterQueen “clean air” set including complete depth cleaner, available in red. The accompanying air purifier Defender is available in black or bronze. The total package costs 4479.00 euros.
FQU004 FilterQueen Majestic brons motorische borstel met alle toebehoren

Down to the smallest corner

The superfilter even purifies fats and gases (e.g. nicotine, frying fat or cooking odours) during vacuuming. In addition, the mobile deep cleaner is comfortable to use and puts less stress on the back.

You can easily clean high or hard-to-reach places. We’re happy to list the main technical specifications for you below:

Technische specificaties

ISO 9001 certificate

Sucks dust mites from deep inside mattresses

Recognised as a class II medical product

ISO standard 13485 and 9001

Includes one medifilter + two active carbon filters

Includes a six month biofilter pack

Including aroma set: lemon / eucalyptus / orange / pine

Essential Oil Odour Control

The best filtration, up to three times better than HEPA

Cyclonic operation without a reduction in suction power

Reduced risk of allergies & protection against bacteria

Built to last a lifetime

Does not damage your furniture or paintwork

The container is easy to empty, is washable and has also been treated with an antibacterial product

The filter should be replaced monthly. This can be very simple.

Good for home and office; back pain is a thing of the past.

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The Defender and FilterQueen filters have been (medically) tested.