For the professional: lease your air purifiers Defender and get clean air in the workplace for your employees and visitors NOW.



Atelier Géraud in Antwerp uses the Defender 4000 medical air purifiers in its hairdressing salon to better protect its employees and customers. Serge, the manager, testifies: "We are very satisfied with the air purifier and get a very good response from our customers. They feel safe and come to our business with peace of mind. They notice that we care about their well-being because we focus on purified air in the studio. My employees are also very reassured. Of course, we also comply with all other corona measures. Thanks to the Defender, we purify the air indoors down to 0.1 micron or up to 99.99%; the devices offer even more protection and allow us to work even more safely. We strongly recommend the use of a Defender air cleaner in places where people come together and where it is in everyone's interest to better protect each other."

Atelier Géraud - Serge Hair salon in Antwerp

We initially used the EuroQueen air purifier in the smoking area of our restaurant. Now that we need to cleanse the restaurant even more, we're using the Defender to protect our customers and ourselves from COVID-19. With the door sticker, there's now an additional reason to choose us. We are very pleased with the way the Defender works.

Jeannot, Roni, Corneel en Henrick Ringoir-Leus Restaurant De Rooselaer, Heusden

I am very satisfied with my FilterQueen air cleaner. You really feel that the air is clean. The noise level is very good, especially at the middle and lower settings. Highly recommended! I breathe and sleep in clean air, so I sleep much better.

Charissa - Zichem

We have installed the Venus central vacuum cleaner - DIY kit from EuroQueen in our renovated home. Definitely recommended and also, the support during installation was very professional. The device is extremely user-friendly.

Gratien - Laarne Restaurant

I've had the FilterQueen Defender medical air purifier for a few months now. In order to better protect my customers during their visit to my practice, I have decided to use the Defender and am very satisfied with it. I can only recommend the device. Getting healthy and clean air into your home is essential. Especially during the current corona pandemic, it's important to protect ourselves even more against viruses.

Ann Gillis from Heusden (Laarne) Kinesitherpateute

We have had EuroQueen products for years, both the EuroQueen central vacuum cleaner and the Defender air cleaner. We are convinced that fine dust particles are extremely unhealthy. Our son is allergic to dust, pollen and dust mites. By letting the Defender do its work in most of the rooms, the allergy attacks have decreased considerably and my son can breathe and sleep well, even in the pollen season. The Defender is quiet and very efficient. We also use it to protect ourselves even better against coronavirus when someone visits. The Defender makes us feel very safe.

R. De Pauw from Laarne